Your review

What is a care plan?

All looked after children and young people must have a care plan.  This plan sets out what you need and how you will be cared for.  You can contribute to this so that we know what your needs and wishes are.


What is a review?

A review is a meeting for looked after children and young people.  A review gets together people involved to check out how things are going and make any changes that need to be made to your care plan.  The review is about YOU and it is really important that you have your say.


Do I go to my review?

Yes - if you would like to.  You can choose what's best for you.  You might want to stay for the whole of the meeting, or be in a room nearby where you can hear what is being said.  You may want someone to come with you to help you speak up or to speak on your behalf.  If you don't want to come, contact your independent review officer (IRO) to tell them what you think.

Your independent reviewing officer is based at 8 St Owen’s St, Hereford and can be contacted on 01432 383288.


Where are reviews held?

The best place is somewhere you find comfortable.  You should be asked about where you would prefer the review to be held.


Who else will be there?

Usually your carers, social worker and independent review officer and, if you like, family members could also attend.  Others you might want to include could be teachers, advocates, an independent visitor or an adult you can trust.  You can talk to your social worker about who you want at the review.


When do reviews happen and how long do they take?

Usually every six months but more often if there are big changes for you - like a move to new carers. When you are first looked after there are reviews after a month and then three months.

The time and date should suit you.  You may ask for the review to be held out of school time.  The length of the review meeting usually depends on how much there is to talk about.  The independent review officer will manage this in the best way for everyone.


What happens at reviews?

You can talk about what you want to bring up at the review with your carer or social worker before the meeting.  Your social worker should talk with you about what things they will be saying.

You can meet with the independent review officer before the review to decide how you want to be involved and what you want to say.  You can also meet with the independent review officer after your review if you would like to.  If you would like to, you can also lead the meeting with the independent review officer.

You must be listened to and your wishes and feelings must be taken into account.  It's your meeting and it's about your future.

You will get a copy of the report from the review and a date will be made for the next review.


What can I expect?

You and the other people there will talk about how things are going.  There may be things that you decide you want to talk about or get sorted and there will be some set things that need to be talked about.

If you don't understand what someone says you can ask them to say it again or to explain anything you don't understand.  Your advocate or carer may also be able to help.  Your social worker will talk to you more about what happens before your reviews.


What if I am unhappy about my review?

You can talk about this with your social worker, the independent review officer or another adult who you trust.  All of these will try and sort out any problems.

An advocate or peer support worker or an adult you trust can support  you so  you can speak up for yourself.  They do not work for social services.  They are independent and can help you put forward your views.  They are also there to give you full information and advice about your rights and make sure people in authority take account of your point of view. Find out more about the Advocacy service on their website.